EST Cluster Nomenclature

For each PlantGDB-assembled Unique Transcript (PUT), an unique identifier is assigned in the following format:


PUT stands for 'PlantGDB-assembled Unique Transcript' assembled from mRNAs of a given plant species.

Version_tag represents the PUT release version. PlantGDB assembles all the major plant species from every GenBank release. The PUT release version is thus tagged with GenBank release number. The format of the PUT release version is in two parts: GenBank release number and designated letter (e.g, a, b, etc). For example, if a PUT is assembled with GenBank release 149 mRNA data, PlantGDB assigns the version number '149a' to the PUT release with the letter 'a' indicating that this is the first assembly based on GenBank release 149. Occasionally, PlantGDB might assemble another version of PUT based on the mRNA data available between GenBank releases (e.g., GenBank release 149 and GenBank release 150), then the PUT version number will be designated as '149b' and so on. Then when GenBank release 150 is available, the corresponding PUT assembly will have relase version as '150a' and so on.

Scientific name represents plant species name with any space replaced by "_" character. For example, Gossypium arboreum is represented as Gossypium_arboreum.

Number is an unique integer assigned to each PUT.

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