Gene Groups


Dicots Specific Proteins

Gene Name

Group ID

Group Name

AT4G22290 1.6 Tri-snRNP specific proteins(U4/U6.U5)
AT3G49430 2.2 SR proteins
AT5G40490 3.3 hnRNP A/B family
AT1G58470 3.3 hnRNP A/B family
AT2G47310 3.4 Other hnRNP proteins (with animal homologs)
AT1G49600 3.5 Other Plant hnRNPs
AT3G19130 3.5 Other Plant hnRNPs
AT1G64330 4.5 Related to spliceosome
AT5G41790 4.5 Related to spliceosome
AT5G49350 5.4 Glycine Rich protein

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