Gene Groups


Novel Splicing-related Proteins

In addition to the splicing-related proteins from the clusters containing at least one of AtSRP proteins, novel potential splicing-related proteins from clusters containing none of AtSRP proteins were identified and classified into 25 families based on domain motif and literature searches. Among these 25 families, the most abundant two families are RRM Containing Protein and KH Domain Containing Protein. Among these novel potential splicing-related proteins, there are 29 proteins from At, 69 proteins from Gm, 17 proteins from Lj, 32 proteins from Mt, 51 proteins from Os, 29 proteins from Pp, 51 proteins from Pt, 44 proteins from Sb, 33 proteins from Vv, and 61 proteins from Zm. All these proteins were clustered into 84 OrthoMCL clusters.

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