Gene Groups



This SRGD consists of two parts: one part including Human, Drosophila, yeast, and Arabidopsis, and the other part including 10 plant species. These ten species include nine flowering plants (Arabidopsis thaliana (At), Glycine max (Gm), Lotus japonicus (Lj), Medicago truncatula (Mt), sativa (Os), Populus trichocarpa (Pt), Sorghum bicolour (Sb), Vitis vinifera (Vv), and Zea mays (Zm)) and one non-flowering plant (Physcomitrella patens (Pp)). The nine flowering plants are composed of three monocots (Os, Sb, and Zm) and nine dicots (At, Gm, Lj, Mt, Vv, Pt). These nine dicots contain three legumes (Gm, Lj, and Mt).

This SRGD shows more details about gene structure, chromosome location, human homolog, and domain information in 10 plants. Detailed gene information is also viewable by link to PlantGDB.

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