TE nest - Annotation and Visualization of Nested Transposable Elements

TE Nest no longer unavailable at PlantGDB. We apologize for the inconvenience.

TE nest is an annotation and visualization tool for the identification transposable elements. TE nest is unique in that it reconstructs transposable elements separated by nesting of subsequent insertions.

There are two parts to TE nest, the annotation tool (TE nest) and the visualization tool (svg_ltr).

Run TE nest

TE nest: Input sequence file to get annotations. This will allow you to run TE nest and svg_ltr on your input sequence. Results will be emailed.

svg_ltr: Input annotation file to view graphical display. Run svg_ltr on previous TE nest annotation files. Results will be emailed.

Instructions for using TE nest and svg_ltr.

You must use Firefox version 1.5 or later to view the svg_ltr output.

Brent Kronmiller, 2006 bak@iastate.edu

Brent's homepage: bak
Wiselab homepage: wiselab

Visual example #1 Visual example #2

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