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yrGATE - a tool for gene structure annotation

"... your Gene structure Annotation Tool for Eukaryotes"

What is yrGATE?

yrGATE is a web based gene-structure annotation tool for the identification and dissemination of eukaryotic genes. Annotators can evaluate gene evidence graphically (see figure) to create gene structure annotations. Administrators curate the submitted annotations into published gene sets. yrGATE is appropriate for annotating emerging genomes and correcting inaccurate published annotations. yrGATE is portable and supports different input and output formats. SEE ALSO: Community Annotation Overview.

yGATE for Community Gene Structure Annotation

User-generated annotations can complement automated pipelines by correcting errors and incorporating new alignment evidence to improve the overall annotation quality. yrGATE is an excellent tool for community annotation projects, as it is universally available (web browser-based) and can take advantage of the latest data through the real-time annotation tool CpGAT.

yrGATE Implementation at PlantGDB

yrGATE is available for all PlantGDB genome browsers. Use the Genome tab at the top of this page to launch a browser, and then click "Community Annotation" on the left menubar. Or, go to the Genome Browser overview page and select "Community Annotation" for the species of interest.

What's new with yrGATE? updated 10-15-2010

Using yrGATE at PlantGDB

Visit the Help and Tutorals page for more information and options.
For a quick view of yrGATE in action, click below to see a video demo, "Using yrGATE to annotate genes".


The yrGATE software package is freely available for academic purposes and can be downloaded from the Brendel Group website.

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