PlantGDB EST Assemblies - Overview

PlantGDB intends to assemble all the major plant species on a regular basis, providing a frequent estimation of plant gene space. The assembly results and methods are freely available to the plant research community (see below). The resulting PlantGDB-assembled unique transcripts (PUTs) are annotated with top UniProt BLAST hits and corresponding GO annotations (see search page), and they can be downloaded or queried using PlantGDB's BLAST server. New or refreshed PUT assemblies are created after each version update (currently every 4 months).

PUT Assemblies at PlantGDB

PlantGDB-assembled unique transcripts (PUTs) are assembled from plant mRNA sequences available from GenBank (EST, PLN, HTC divisions). Also available are the actual assembly alignments, as well as the similar protein information annotated by BLASTX of the unique transcript sequences against UniProt protein database.

Use the links below or at left to explore the assembly process or access sequence data.

Please contact us if you don't find what you are looking for -- we are happy to carry out a custom assembly from any public plant sequence.

Clone Libraries

These files represent PlantGDB-derived Unique Transcript (PUT) assembly members and their clone library of origin (if any) for 67 species, as requested by a PlantGDB user. The data were extracted from PlantGDB's species-parsed sequence GenBank_source table and PUT_member tables. Please contact us if you want more information or would like us to expand or update this data.

PUT Assembly Options

GSS Assemblies

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