Ac/Ds Tagging Workshop - June 19 - 24, 2011

“Using the transposable element Ds as a mutational engine”

Location: The Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Registration Opens: December 1, 2010 [View online registration form];

Application Deadline: March 31, 2011;


This workshop will provide hands-on training in genetic and molecular genetic techniques that are currently in use in the Brutnell and Vollbrecht labs to conduct reverse genetic screens using Ds in maize, in conjuction with Web resources available at PlantGDB.org.

The 5-day workshop will include lectures by Erik Vollbrecht, Tom Brutnell and Jon Duvick on the genetics of Ac/Ds, developing strategies to tag genes using forward and reverse genetic techniques, and bioinformatics resources to facilitate access to Ds lines. Practical lab experiments will include conducting high throughput DNA extractions, PCR amplifications and pool deconvolution to identify Ds insertions in target genes. We will also consult with participants on designing the best stategy for targeting genes of interest.

The sessions will be tailored to postdocs, graduate students and PI’s in attendance who wish to use Ds in reverse genetics programs. The anticipated outcome is that participants will be able to establish an independent Ds tagging platform at their home institution and be willing to train others in the techniques learned, thus greatly extending the reach of the program.

If you are planning to use Ds in a tagging program, we strongly urge you or someone from your group to attend this workshop. We encourage you to register early as slots are limited to 10 participants and no more than one member from any one lab will be accepted. For inquiries please email Tom Brutnell .

Participants will need to make their own travel arrangements to arrive on Sunday June 19 and depart on Friday June 24. Housing (provided by Cornell Housing services) and Monday through Friday lunch at the workshop will be provided at no charge to participants. Participants will NOT be reimbursed for evening meals, so please budget accordingly. A detailed itinerary of events will be posted in March 2011.

Workshop schedule (tentative)

  • Sunday, June 19, 2011: Check-in
  • Monday-Friday AM, June 20-24: Workshops
  • Friday PM, June 24: Departure

How to apply

Please use our online registration form. Early application is recommended to ensure a slot. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Workshop required reading

Attendees should read the following journal articles in preparation for the workshop:

  1. E. Vollbrecht, J. et al. (2010) Genome-Wide Distribution of Transposed Dissociation Elements in Maize. Plant Cell, 22:1667-1685 online abstract; pdf.
  2. Ahern K.R., Deewatthanawonga P., Schares J., Muszynski M., Weeks R., Vollbrecht E., Duvick J., Brendel V., and Brutnell T.P. (2009) Regional Mutagenesis using Dissociation in Maize. Methods 49(3): 248-254 online article; pdf.

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