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Transcript ID: GRMZM2G164696_T03
Locus ID: GRMZM2G164696
Description: filtered_set; syntelog; UniRef90: TBB2_ARATH Tubulin beta-2/beta-3 chain n=169 (Embryophyta) Exp=0; maizesequence.org: GO:0043234; protein complex | GO:0051258; protein polymerization | RefSeq_peptide:NP_001141544; hypothetical protein LOC100273658 | UniGene:Zm.95207; Transcribed locus strongly similar to NP_568437.1 TUB8; structural constituent of cytoskeleton [Arabidopsis thaliana] | Uniprot/SPTREMBL:B4FWU5; Putative uncharacterized protein | Uniprot/SWISSPROT:P18025; Tubulin beta-1 chain (Beta-1-tubulin) | GO:0007018; microtubule-based movement | GO:0007017; microtubule-based process | GO:0005874; microtubule | GO:0005737; cytoplasm | GO:0005525; GTP binding | GO:0005198; structural molecule activity | GO:0003924; GTPase activity | EntrezGene:100273658; hypothetical protein LOC100273658
Gene Location: chr1: 2037790..2039758
Closest Ds Site:   chr1: 2160662 ( 120.9 kb from 3’ end of gene)
Closest Ds barcode ID: B.S07.0835   [Order Seed]

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Number Ds Insertion
Barcode ID
Est. Ds Insertion Site Distance (kb)
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