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  • ESTcontig: Putative unique transcripts assembled from plant mRNA sequences available from GenBank (EST, PLN, HTC divisions), actual assembly alignments, as well as the similar protein information annotated by BLASTX the unique transcript sequences against UniProt protein database. More information on assembly.
  • GSScontig: GSS contig sequences for the maize and sorghum assemblies. More information on GSS contig sequences.
  • PublicPlantSeq: Follow this link to specify other sequences you wish to download. PlantGDB performs a daily download of all newly deposited plant DNA sequences available at the various NCBI databases(EST, GSS, HTC, HTG, STS, TSA, other genomic DNA sequences). Plant protein sequences are similarly obtained from UniProt. The extracted records are sorted by organisms to provide easy and fast access to individual species or to phylogenetically related subsets of organisms. For more information on our Sequence Repository and version information, visit Sequence Overview page.
  • xGDB: xGDB contains the data for our sub-projects such as AtGDB, OsGDB, and ZmGDB. Follow this link to access data for each of these projects.
  • ASIP: ASIP contains the data for our sub-projects ASIP sub-folder AtTAG1 and RiceTAG1. Follow this link to access data for each of these folder.

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