Gene Groups


Arabidopsis small nuclear RNA (snRNA)


(1) 15 major snRNAs and 2 minor snRNAs were identified experimentally. These sequences were downloaded from GenBank, and searched against Arabidopsis genome in AtGDB and SALK T-DNA express web server.

(2) Human and Maize snRNAs were also included in the searching. Their results were compared with the above results.

(3) The majority of snRNAs were identified in MATDB before. These snRNAS were compared with the above hits. All splicing related snRNAs from MATDB were included in our results. Some of our hits with high eval (-10 ~ -5) were missed in MATDB.

(4) Totally 69 major snRNAs and 3 minor snRNAs were found by these methods.

Name conventions for Arabidopsis snRNA

(1) The original names were kept for all experimentally identified genes.

(2) A hyphen and a number was added to the gene name for other genes. The number was added according to the eval.

(3) If eval was higher than -20, a letter "p" was added to the end of gene name.

(4) The gene model (ATxGxxxxx) in MATDB for some snRNA was used as the gene's Tetative ID. If the gene has no gene model yet, a Tentative ID was deduced from the flanking genes. If the gene model from MATDB turned out not to be accurate, a new ID was deduced and the MATDB ID was also included.

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